Employee Testimonials

Some of our employees written about our services.


Employee Testimonials!

Mr. Ashok

“The extent of collaboration at Sterling 5, Inc is amazing. Working with a group of very talented, motivated individuals constantly reminds me of why I chose this job – to be challenged to stretch beyond my comfort zone. The way I have been treated shows that Sterling 5, Inc believes that “Employees Are Our Greatest Strength”.

It has been great working on a team with people from different cultures and different generations because I learn a lot from my co-workers. I also appreciate the amazing track record Sterling 5, Inc has had making sure “Profits and Growth Provide For Everything We Do.” This is a rock solid company that has a very bright future and I am excited to be a part of it”.

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Mr. Satya

“Sterling 5, Inc upholds the utmost respect amongst co-workers and I feel this in both the employees that I have been in contact with and in myself. Sterling 5,Inc also promotes to improve the knowledge on their employees and is known to be the best in the market for providing training programs for them. I never worried about my paychecks as the pay was always on time. All of these aspects and more enhance my appreciation for working at Sterling 5, Inc!”

Mr. Gopinadha

“Thank you very much, Sterling 5, Inc. I was 100% correct in my decision to join you. I’d so many problem with my previous employer based of Pittsburgh. They used to promise people of some benefits & give something else. They used to take employer taxes from my salary. Believe me, guys, most of the employers in US are like this.

Sterling 5, Inc is the first genuine employer I’ve seen till now. I’ve referred so many people to Sterling 5, Inc just because of their ethics. Till now, I’ve never faced an issue with them. They’re employee friendly. All I can say is, if you join Sterling 5, Inc – all you have to worry about is your work, nothing else.”

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Mr. Krishna

“I Thank Sterling 5, Inc who gave me the tools I need to speed up the process to reach my professional goals.”

Mr. Kishore

“Sterling 5, Inc opens doors for ample number of opportunities for one to grow professionally. The Management is highly supportive and approachable. I chose to be a consultant in order to have the ability to work with a wide range of businesses and enjoy a more diversified experience. What separates Sterling 5, Inc from the rest is it allows you to really create your own career path and pursue your passions, while still providing a fun and supportive atmosphere. I’m glad to be a part of this organization where I have enough room to explore my skills.”

Ms. Deepthi

“I consider Sterling 5, Inc as a second family and everyone from the management down treats like family, with a personalized and warm approach. People at Sterling 5, Inc work together, support each other and watch out for each other. They have always provided rapid response to issues and their services have always been of a very high quality. I love being with Sterling 5, Inc across the group, performance is rewarded and constantly get both appreciation and constructive feedback.”

Mr. Sunil

“Since joining Sterling 5, Inc in Jan of 2010 I’ve truly experienced what it means to be a consultant. In just my 2 and half year’s, I worked in three very different industries and had three very different Environments. What strikes me most about all these experiences is that Sterling 5, Inc has supported me every step of the way.

Sterling 5, Inc Management have provided a mix of knowledge and resources to help me work through challenges. The abundance of available training has enabled me to attend over 140 hours of class. My peers have been supportive no matter how busy they are. Whether it’s developing myself by exploring and finding my passion or perfecting the skill sets one already has, Sterling 5, Inc molds to each individual. I hit the ground running and haven’t looked back since I started 2 years ago, truly enjoying every moment and experience I’ve had here at Sterling 5, Inc. Time flies when you have fun.

Sterling 5, Inc is a supportive community – this company truly cares about its people. Take a look, ask around, I honestly believe that there is not a single employee who would disagree.”

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Mr. Vamshi

“I do have something to say about Sterling 5, Inc as it had a great deal of impact on my life.

In my professional career until now, I ve worked with 3 employers before joining Sterling 5, Inc and Sterling 5 is one such company’s which helped me embark greater heights in my professional career. In most cases, when you join a new company you will be given a red carpet treatment for few days and then you will be ignored forever but Sterling 5, Inc is one good company where you are treated as if you a partner of the company. Nevertheless, I listed some important aspects which I ve observed at Sterling 5, Inc.

1. Document Management – They are really good in this, Any immigration filing, they really know what they are doing and no discrepancies what so ever.
2. Quick Response either from Phone or Emails – The primary building block for a company to grow is to treat their employees well and respond to their queries quickly, I think in that department Sterling5 has done amazingly well.
3. Interpersonal Skills – Staff at Sterling5 are well trained and very professional. They always have very good rappo with their employees. This can only be possible If you respond to all queries from employees with dignity and patience.

Once again, I conclude by saying ” Sterling5, Inc is really doing good and wish them all success in their future endeavors ” and they surely deserve my testimonial…”

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Mr. Aditya

“It is indeed a great pleasure to work with Sterling 5, Inc. Have been working for more than 3 years and have to say that I have been extremely satisfied with the help and support of the staff. The company abides by all the Immigration rules and assures full support in all the circumstances. I’d like to thank Sterling 5, Inc for all the good work and wish the company good luck!”

Mr. Naga

“I’ll like to take this opportunity to thank Sterling 5, Inc for they wonderful support, especially in the areas of immigration services, good understanding of the foreign employment regulations, pro-activeness and great follow-up skills providing a top quality Service. You guys are active listeners, fun, relevant – and yes, perfect!!!”

Mr. Bharath

“I have been part of Sterling 5, Inc for 5 years now. From my training days to till date they have been supporting and helping me in every aspect.

Sterling 5,Inc has a great ability to see potential in their employees and put them in a place where they can succeed. I enjoy being part of the company that has continued to grow and expand its reach. I should specially appreciate the HR and Marketing teams. I never had any issues with my immigration concerns. On a personal front, this organization has given me an identity as an individual in my personal life.

Thank you for all your help and I would definitely recommend Sterling 5, Inc to all my friends and others.”

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Mr. Ramu

“I would like to take a minute to thank you for the support and opportunities provided by Sterling 5 Inc, to nurture my career as an Oracle DBA. I am glad that Sterling 5 Inc, is keeping track of my records upto date through yearly Performance evaluations, sharing USCIS updates and reforms during monthly meetings etc…

I would like to thank entire crew members of sterling 5 for your prompt responses at all the time and timely payments without delays. ”

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Mrs. Jyothi

“I would start with thanking Sterling 5, Inc for recommending me what I am capable of, Database Administration. Today, I am no more part of Sterling 5, Inc but they have always been cordial and warm towards me. They have helped me with the transition to new company. Sterling 5, Inc would always remain as the biggest and best experience for me.”