We Recruit IT contractors!

We have recruited IT contractors for clients throughout United States for almost a decade. During that time we have sourced and placed a multitude of contractors and interim professionals — and have a network comprised of many hundreds more.


IT Consulting

Our recruiters are well connected in the IT contractor world and understand the importance of IT contractors being able to hit the ground running. We work with you to fully understand what you need to achieve from your IT contract resource. This means that within 24 hours of your instruction, you will receive from us the resumes and supportive information of candidates that meet your requirements.

We have always delivered 100% of our clients’ contract project requirements. Additionally, we understand the IT contract market and the legislation that surrounds it (and will work with you and our legal and accountancy business partners to offer expertise in this area).

IT recruitment is what we do and you will hear us say that a lot. However, our definition of IT recruitment is broader than most companies and we provide solutions to help our clients achieve as much as possible from their IT recruitment processes and procedures.

Strategic Consulting

Your business enterprise can change rapidly, driven by competition, the demands of your customers, changes in government regulations and the technology that supports your enterprise. Keeping up to date with the strategic changes is one of the most challenging tasks for an executive or technology professional to face.

Our Strategic Consulting Services insure that business leaders successfully address their greatest challenges and make distinctive and lasting improvement in their organization’s performance. We look at business as an integrated cohesive whole and work to position your enterprise for future requirements through careful creation of plans, and the execution of these plans. We spark breakthrough ideas for our clients and work closely with them to convert insight into strategies that will drive the direction and priorities for information technology initiatives and investments.

We have a team of highly trained and experienced management consultants who assist our customers in establishing a vision, develop strategies for reaching a vision, and implement the processes and technologies needed to make the vision a reality.

Our consulting professionals have diverse skill sets, leadership abilities and technical expertise to complement each client’s staff within a project. They are formally trained and experienced with successfully delivering services using IEEE based proprietary and industry accepted methodologies. Sterling 5, Inc’s approach to strategic consulting integrates our client’s best practices with proven structured methodologies and tools for project management and implementation.

We offer four stages of consulting in working with our clients

Stragetic Planning

What are the organization’s goals, needs and priorities? -“We determine the type of information that needs to be collected, tracked and analyzed, and assess the adequacy of existing tools and systems.”

Process Improvement

Are your people and systems being used most efficiently and effectively? -“We evaluate policy and procedural changes that could provide a greater return on your investments.”

Requirements Definition

“Our consultants recommend the technical solutions and system improvements that will solve the organization’s information technology challenges within available budget.”

Implementation Roadmap

“We analyze interdependencies among existing programs and processes, and recommend an order in which change should occur.”