It’s passion, not only work!

Sterling 5, Inc’s clients are from a wide range of industries, including insurance, healthcare, telecommunications, financial services, hospitality, logistics, and software development. We can speak your language and hit the ground running. Our goal is to provide you the specific skills exactly when you need them which includes Testers, Developers, Business & Systems Analysts, Project Managers, Architects and Executives.


Our Services

Sterling 5, Inc delivers the right solutions tailored to meet customer needs while maintaining focus on improving service delivery with the successful implementation of technology. Whether planning a new technology architecture, creating an e-business solution, implementing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications, or sustaining legacy systems — Sterling 5, Inc’s technology team is prepared to help its client’s succeed. Sterling 5, Inc provides a broad range of IT and consulting services that are delivered through the following contracting methods:

The services and solutions that Sterling 5, Inc delivers are categorized in three areas:

  • Solutions Integration
  • Information Technology
  • IT Consulting Services

IT Consulting Services

Many of our clients turn to Sterling 5,Inc to fill a specific consulting or information technology need for a project, or to support maintenance of their internal operations. We deliver these services on an individual time and materials basis through consulting services arrangements, which we maintain with many of our clients.

Solution Delivery

Sterling 5, Inc designs, develops and implements custom solutions on a fixed price basis utilizing clearly defined methodologies that insure the successful and timely completion of deliverables.
We develop project plans that outline specific target dates for milestones and deliverables based on our experience performing similar project services. Our clients take great confidence in executing contracts with Sterling 5, Inc from our track record of 100% on time, within budget deliverable based engagements.