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Sterling 5, Inc is committed to offering world-class services to its clients across the globe in the areas of application software design, development, deployment, testing and maintenance services.


IT Solutions

This is achieved by embracing the latest technologies value-added processes, cutting-edge tools, active employee participation and customer centric strategy.

Sterling 5, Inc perfected the global deployment and delivery of high quality, high value products and services in IT consulting and business process outsourcing (which have helped reshape businesses and delivered competitive advantage).

Strengths – HighLights

100+ Customers

Development Methodology

Quality Policy

Intranet for Effective Results

SDO Framework

Sterling 5 DevOps (SDO) Framework provides comprehensive solution to accelerate Pega Development and Deployment lifecycle.

Key Features:

Product Patch Generation (CI)

Auto Deployment (CD)

Automated Test Suite execution

KPI Profiling (Memory footprint, SQL Query response)

Release Orchestration

Monitoring and Log Management

Key Benefits:

Built completely outside of Pega using Open Source CI/CD tools

20% reduction in release cycle

Detects application performance issues